Syria Winter Campaign

6 September 2021

We are pleased to update our school community that your many kind donations for our recent SRC Syria Winter Campaign have all been wrapped up, delivered and loaded into the shipping container organised by Australian Syrian Association Victoria (ASAV) this past weekend, alhamdulillah.

Due to lockdown extension, the container was under threat of being delayed to leave Melbourne. Given the fact that shipping to Syria takes up to 6 weeks and with winter fast approaching, the timeline was tightened by the ASAV, leaving us no further option to extend the final community collection deadline of 20 August.

We thank our community for their heartfelt contributions and would also like to acknowledge our SRCs and Ms Sera Adalar’s Year 8G4 homegroup for organising the items to go into the hygiene packs.

Further thanks goes to Mr Adel Ayoubi who picked up all donations on the weekend, assisted by Mr Shukran, and transported them to the collection point in Meadow Heights. Your donations are on their way to reach Syria before winter’s first snowfall, inShaAllah.