VCE Leadership Awards 2023 Finalist: Osama Akkad

28 September 2023

The prestigious 2023 VCE Leadership Awards ceremony took place at the Treasury Theatre on 8 September 2023. This event was a celebration of outstanding student leadership and commendable contributions to the community.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Osama Akkad, who emerged as one of the top finalists in the VCE Leadership Awards. Osama's remarkable dedication and efforts were recognised when he was nominated and subsequently chosen as a finalist from Victoria.

Al Siraat College is thrilled to announce that Osama Akkad, serving as the College Captain, was honoured as one of the 8 VCE student leaders in the state. This achievement stands as a testament to his exceptional leadership qualities and exemplary contributions.

The VCE Leadership Awards are a platform to acknowledge the vital and innovative community work of VCE and VCE Vocational Major students. These awards highlight instances of outstanding leadership in various domains. Nominees are actively engaged in a spectrum of activities ranging from arts, sports, debating, and public speaking to advocating for social justice, environmental protection, or fundraising.

The award presentation was graced by the presence of Minister for Education and Minister for Women, The Hon. Natalie Hutchins, who recognised and appreciated the exceptional achievements of these student leaders. This recognition serves as motivation for the future, inspiring students to continue their impactful work within the community.

Al Siraat College takes immense pride in Osama Akkad's achievement, and we look forward to witnessing more of our students making significant strides in leadership and community service.

Some photos were taken by Nicole Cleary, courtesy of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority’.