VET Community Services at Heritage Aged Care

6 October 2023

Students pursuing their Certificate II in Community Services at Al Siraat College recently visited Heritage Aged Care, as part of a crucial subject assessment. This visit not only marked an academic endeavour but also offered an invaluable real-world understanding of community service.

The students enthusiastically dedicated their time and efforts to engage with the residents, filling the atmosphere with cheer and laughter. Various interactive activities, including games, ball games, and word searches, were organised, creating opportunities for meaningful connections and shared moments. The joy and happiness among the residents were palpable, making the visit a truly heart-warming experience for all.

Accompanied by a tour of the facility, the students gained insights into the architectural and environmental aspects of Heritage Aged Care, an establishment committed to placing residents' well-being at its core. At just five years old, the home boasts modern design elements that enhance the quality of life for its residents.

As a token of appreciation and a gesture of goodwill, the students presented the residents with beautiful rose flowers and a heartfelt thank-you card at the end of their visit. This thoughtful gesture further underlined their commitment to creating a positive impact on the lives of the elderly.

Above and beyond being an academic assessment, the visit to Heritage Aged Care provided the students with an insightful understanding of life within an aged care facility. Witnessing the professionalism and dedication of the support workers highlighted the importance of compassionate care and strengthened the students' resolve to pursue careers in community services.