Whittlesea Welcome Expo Visit

29 October 2018

The City of Whittlesea Welcome Expo was held on 29th October 2018. Senior SRCs and three Senior non-SRC members attended the Expo.

Students had an opportunity to build community connection and participate in civic activities. They explored a range of services available in our city of Whittlesea such as sustainability and waste; safety and emergency services; health; learning and education; young people, refugees and new migrants’ services for the area of Whittlesea.

Our students had an excellent opportunity to learn about "governance of the City of Whittlesea and pathways to employment", a session hosted by Mayor Kris Pavlidis. Students were part of discussion panel and represented the College to a high standard at the Expo.

Students who attended the Expo:

  • Abu Bakr Ayoubi- Year 11B
  • Abdechakour Sai- Year 11B
  • Bilal Ghouse – Year 10B
  • Hafsa Sarwar- Year 11G
  • Maryam Jawaid – Year 11G