Year 12 Boys Feed the Homeless

13 March 2020

Our Secondary SRCs continue to feed the homeless at Queen Victoria Market this year. Students hosted the first quality service to the homeless people for Term 1 on Sunday, 8 March 2020 in collaboration with “Hasene Australia”.

The menu available on the night consisted of sausages, drinks and dinner jam rolls. Our dedicated team of Year 12 boys took charge of the evening by cooking and serving freshly made sausages rolls. It was wonderful to see how appreciative the people were: We had an delighted environment in which everyone opened up and talked joyfully over some sausages and drinks.

Our College Captain Balaj shares his experience: “Feed the Homeless" is a magical and transforming program in which I was allowed to handout the basic human right of food to the homeless people in the city.

The program was a very spectacular experience and a deeply constructive one. Feeding the homeless really allowed my perception on the world around me as a student to widen in the concept of being generous and an open-hearted person. This experience within itself allowed me as an individual to grow and expand my personal skills as well as allowing me to represent the very community I belong to, the Al Siraat community”.

We would like to thank the following students for attending and making the evening enjoyable and productive:

  • Balaj Elahi (College Captain)
  • Bilal Ghouse- College (Vice Captain)
  • Dzulkarnaen Noorazman (Year 12)
  • Mashoor Cadersha (Year 12)

If you are interested in helping us with this SRC project, please either Ms Noori Ahmad, College Captain Balaj Elahi or Vice Captain Bilal Ghouse.