Youth Affairs Council Victoria Networking Lunch

11 April 2019

On Wednesday, 10 April 2019, a group of Student Representative Council members attended Youth Affairs Council Victoria networking lunch in city office as part of Victoria Youth Week Celebration.

Youth Affairs Council Victoria ( YACVic) is the leading advocate for young people aged 12- 25 in Victoria. They provide additional targeted advocacy and services through their core agencies like YACVIc Rural and the Youth Disability Advocacy Service, and auspice and support other partner agencies like Koorie Youth Council and Victorian Student Representative Council.

Our students had the chance to meet other organisations and be part of interactive games. They won some prizes. They listened to different presentators and had a real input about what happens in their life and in their communities. What changes they wish to see as young Victorians as part of youth group.

Students who attended the event were:

  • Bilal Ghouse - Year 11B1
  • Humza Ghouse - Year 10B1
  • Osama Akkad - Year 8B1
  • Afeera Zafar - Year 10G1
  • Asma Mohamed - Year 10G1
  • Naziihah Hafidi -Year 9G1