Art & Tech Exhibition: THANK YOU!

8 November 2018
Art & Tech Exhibition: THANK YOU!

It was great to see the Al Siraat community come together to celebrate the students’ learning and achievement in Art & Technology. The carnival-like atmosphere added vibrancy and excitement to the day.

On behalf of the Art & Technology Department, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all staff who played a role in contributing to the success of the exhibition. A big thank you to all parents, students and members of community for turning out in full force and participating actively in all the activities:

  • College Leadership: Thanks for the great support and guidance in the planning and execution of the whole event.
  • Mufti Aasim: Thanks for the inspiring reflection on the great Muslim Inventors.
  • Mr Vis: For the planning and organising of the whole school assembly.
  • The organising committee comprising of the Art & Technology teachers, the PFF team (Ms Sarah Wills, Ms Gulhan and many others): Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work. I am very humbled to be working alongside with a strong and dynamic team. A special mention to Ms Michelle and Ms Gulsen for a job well done as Co-Chairmen of this event.
  • Support Team: This exhibition would never have been possible without your incredible support before, during and after the exhibition.
  • PE Department: Fantastic team effort in organising the sports activities.

I would also like to take this opportunity to our dedicated parents Ms Jamila Nur for volunteering to mend the first aid station and also Mr Mirza Ceyzar for tirelessly supporting the Art & Technology Department.

Some staff actually went above and beyond their allocated time and I am deeply appreciative of this. There are too many people to acknowledge and I apologise that I cannot thank each and everyone personally.

To view photos of the day, please click here.

Moving forward, I am sure that you would have identified ways in which the exhibition can be improved or even re-affirm the activities that went really well. With the event still fresh in our mind, the Art & Technology Department seeks your help to assist us in our future planning by filling up a survey.

Click here to access the online survey.

Once again, a BIG thank you to everyone.