Measuring Excellence in The Arts at Year 6

5 August 2016
Measuring Excellence in The Arts at Year 6

Al Siraat College will be participating in a data collection process by the Victorian Curriculum & Assessment Authority (VCAA) to measure excellence in The Arts at Year 6. This is an exciting opportunity to be involved in the first ever collection of baseline data in The Arts in Victoria and the participation of students at this school will play a significant role in the development of this important target.

The Education State targets set out the Victorian Government’s commitment, including that over the next ten years, more students will reach the highest levels of achievement in The Arts. This target highlights the importance of knowledge and skills in The Arts across Victoria and recognises that embedding a culture that values excellence in the arts will help Victoria achieve its goals for better learning and life outcomes for all students.

A random sample of our Year 6 students will be selected to participate in this process during Term 3. More information will be provided once students involved in the data collection process has been identified.

The Art Department would like to thank you in advance for your participation and support in this process.

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