Students Producing Beautiful Art from Home

25 August 2020
Students Producing Beautiful Art from Home

We would like to share with you how enthusiastic our Primary and Secondary students are about their art in their online classes which turned out to be a huge success with many students. Even from home, students keep producing beautiful and very detailed art works in their classes with Ms Stamatia.

Our Year 9 students looked at artworks by Australian artist Gordon Bennet. They have created digital response artworks which respond to current social issues in Australia, such as:

  • Women’s rights
  • Australia’s First Peoples (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders)
  • Homelessness
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Valuing multiculturalism
  • Seeking protection
  • Refugees.

Click here to view more artworks.

We are so proud to see our students create such detailed and beautiful artwork even though they are away from school. The work produced reflects on their joy, time and effort spent to submit these wonderful pieces of art, mashaAllah.