Year 8 and 9 experience The LUME exhibition

11 August 2022
Year 8 and 9 experience The LUME exhibition

THE LUME Melbourne Vincent van Gogh exhibition was experienced by our Year 8 and 9 students this week, organised and accompanied by our Art Department.

THE LUME is an epic adventure into the Arts. Australia’s first permanent digital gallery transforms the world’s finest art into fully immersive sensory encounters. This experience was a full multi-sensory experience that stimulated our Secondary students' senses and opened their minds to art and culture displayed and enjoyed through a powerful and vibrant symphony of light, colour, sound and aroma.

The exhibition encouraged students to explore the works and techniques of great Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh and compare and contrast both historical and contemporary art pieces. Students also had the ability to immerse themselves in the visual content and be inspired by the art work.

View more photos here.

Walking and sitting through the gallery’s paintings and interacting in workshops was an experience simultaneously enchanting, entertaining and educational for our students and staff.

  • Gulsen Alhucema Year 9B2 Homegroup Teacher Secondary Art Email Gulsen Gulsen Alhucema