Casper Test for teaching profession

4 April 2022
Casper Test for teaching profession

Casper is an online test which assesses non-cognitive skills and attributes and interpersonal characteristics important in the teaching profession.

The Casper test takes between 60 and 90 minutes to complete. It is comprised of 12 sections. Each section contains a video-based or written scenario followed by 3 open-ended questions. All three questions must be answered within a total of 5 minutes. There is an optional 10-minute break halfway through the test.

Each response is anonymised and graded by a different assessor, giving a robust, reliable and unbiased view of your personal and professional characteristics important to our teaching programs. Grammar and spelling mistakes are not factored into the evaluation of responses.

Courses that require applicants to sit Casper will list it under the selection requirements section within the course entry information on the VTAC website. To download Casper Fact Sheet, click here.

You need to register for a Casper test on the Casper website. The Casper test fee is $80 and is paid when you register for a test date.

Click here for more information.