2019 Blessing of the Fleet

18 October 2019
2019 Blessing of the Fleet

For the third year in a row, an Al Siraat College staff member participated in the annual Emergency Services “Blessing of the Fleet” ceremony on Saturday, 12 October 2019.

The Whittlesea Interfaith Network (WIN) and Whittlesea Council host the event each year in October at the start of the new fire season. It is a beautiful open air multi-faith ceremony for local emergency services, volunteers and their families, followed by morning tea.

Representatives from different faith communities read a prayer or spiritual reading from their scripture asking for protection and care of the CFA fire fighters, SES, police, and all emergency service personnel.

This year, Muhammad Graham was given the honour to say a prayer at the "23rd Annual Emergency Services Blessing of the Fleet", representing both our Islamic faith and the College. In previous years, Mufti Aasim and Ms Tanya said the prayers and made du'as.

We wish our emergency crews a safe season ahead, InShaAllah.

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