4 Wells Completed for Ahmad Ghunaym Khan

19 March 2021
4 Wells Completed for Ahmad Ghunaym Khan

Al Siraat College is feeling grateful and humbled by the immense outpour of support in donations to build water wells in the name of the late Ahmad Ghunaym Khan as Sadaqat Jariyah. May Allah have mercy on him.

We would herewith like to provide you with an update on the current MAA projects and are delighted to announce that FOUR water wells have been completed in remote communities in Pakistan, benefitting and supplying over 1,000 people with access to fresh and clean water on a daily basis, alhamdulillah.

We invite you to click on the attached MAA publications below for photos and details on how the wells are being used. MashaAllah, the gratitude and sheer joy displayed by the villagers is beautiful to witness.

May Allah accept these good deeds on behalf of our young brother Ahmad who had passed away in a tragic car accident last November, and all those who have contributed towards this cause. Ameen.

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