8 Dec: Special Whole School Community Assembly for Palestine

4 December 2023
8 Dec: Special Whole School Community Assembly for Palestine

In light of the recent global events, Al Siraat College will be hosting a Special Assembly for Palestine at the Sports Oval on Friday, 8th December at 8:30am. This event will be a whole school event, including all students, staff, parents and other special guests.

In the past we've hosted special assemblies following significant incidents that have directly impacted members of our school community, like the Christchurch mosque attacks. The main purpose of these events are to help our school community, especially young people, feel safe, heard and supported during these sensitive global times. We have a number of Palestinian families who are a part of the school community. We look forward welcoming you to this Special Assembly.

Our message is one of peaceful coexistence, and humanitarian support for all civilians impacted.

Additionally, over the course of the last week, our students have made du'as at morning assemblies. Both Primary and Secondary students were allowed to come in Palestinian colours, showing their support for their brethren in Gaza.

View more photos of the Palestine Colours days here.

As a school, as a community, as an Ummah we stand together and we ask Allah for His help, we ask that we have the right adaab and submission to Him when we ask for His help, and that we have full faith in Allah’s plan and that success is through Him and through Him alone.