Al Siraat College: Hands Off Policy

8 June 2018
Al Siraat College: Hands Off Policy

As an Islamic College, we have a responsibility to promote peace and harmony within our school community. All members of the Al Siraat College community realise the importance of respecting the rights of others. This policy is to promote an atmosphere and general conduct which discourages/limits the opportunities for Bullying and Harassment and promotes student/staff safety and security.


  • No student is to touch another student in a manner judged inappropriate by staff.

  • No student is to use any form of physical violence against other students, even in “fun” or as a “practical joke”.

  • Bullying or any other kind of stand-over tactics will not be tolerated.

  • These principles and/or guidelines will be espoused by the Principal and other school leaders and staff at school assemblies, in the classroom and around the school.

  • During homeroom, teachers will remind students of the Hands-Off Policy.

  • School leaders and senior students are to model these guidelines at all times.

  • School leaders should be involved in reinforcing this policy in their dealings with other students at school, sporting venues and on buses to and from school.

  • Students who are observed inappropriately touching another student will be instructed to stop. If he or she does not, he or she is to be referred to the Co-ordinator who will take action to modify the inappropriate behaviour. This may include, but not restricted to, issuing a detention, loss of privileges and exclusion from school.

  • More serious cases will be dealt with appropriately by the Disciplinary Panel.

Basis of Discretion

The Disciplinary Panel may use discretionary powers in dealing with students who offend this policy.

Supporting Documents

  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Policy Against Bullying


This policy will be reviewed in 2019.

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