Al Siraat College Yearbook Publication

30 November 2023
Al Siraat College Yearbook Publication

For the first time in our College’s history, the Al Siraat Writers Club students have published their own book. It is called, “The Al Siraat Yearbook for 2023”. It is a collection of all the major events and programs at ASC this year.

Throughout Term 4, the students of the Writers Club created and put this book together. This project spanned over a month and required the dedication and commitment of these students. It was a wonderful experience creating this very first ever yearbook.

It was created by the following Secondary Writers Club students: Arshia S., Eshal B., Hadia R., Haider A., Halimah S., Mustafa A., Rif'ah M., Ruwayda I., Sumayyah B., Zayd A. and Zoha A.

Ms Gulhan and Mr Vis supported the Writers Club through to getting the final draft published. Without their support, this would not have been possible.

From academic programs and achievements to youth sports and recreation, camps and fundraisers, the entirety of this year has been an amazing one for the College. The yearbook captures all the greatest moments and experiences of 2023 at Al Siraat College.

Students can read the Al Siraat College Yearbook at the school library or purchase your own copy for $10.94 only via the link below:

Order the ASC Yearbook for 2023 here.

Article written by Halimah Sheikh (Writers Club member)