ASC in Whittlesea Refugee Week Video

26 June 2020
ASC in Whittlesea Refugee Week Video

ASC students have been featured in a video about racial discrimination which is now launched as a part of Refugee Week.

Our students are in the main longer video and their individual video is also listed separately.

Racism Stops with me and the Power of US! Video clip

This video was produced by the very talented Mr. Bilal Ammouche. Al Siraat is the only school that proactively participated in this initiative from the City of Whittlesea. We are thrilled with the opportunity for our students to share their reflections on racial discrimination.

Below is also a note of thanks from City of Whittlesea’s community liaison Maria Callipari:

On behalf of the Community Cultural Development Team and the City of Whittlesea, our sincere appreciation for your insights, efforts and valued contributions.

Please keep making and encouraging others to make more films, statements and support to stop racism, because of the power of US! WE will change hearts and minds and make a community that can work, play and be together in peace and harmony.

Thank you.

Fortunata Maria Callipari

  • Gulhan Yoldas Community Engagement Facilitator Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Gulhan Gulhan Yoldas