ASC Students Mentioned in Parliament Speech

2 March 2020
ASC Students Mentioned in Parliament Speech

Amongst many other activities during their Canberra Camp, our Year 5/6 and Year 9 students had the wonderful opportunity to visit Parliament House.

During their visit to Parliament House, students and teachers met with Mr Andrew Giles MP (Scullin Electorate, Victoria) who spoke about his encounter with our College students that day in Parliament:

"I am also very pleased to have welcomed to the parliament today a group of students from a wonderful school, Al Siraat College, an Islamic college in my electorate. This school is relatively new, but it is doing great things and has really built a strong community around it. It was a real privilege to engage with some young students today to share with them my privilege in working in this place and to try to answer their probing questions about what we do and how we might do it better. I am very pleased to give a shout-out to those wonderful students, who I hope we'll see back here soon." – Andrew Giles MP

For reference, refer to page 152 of the House of Representative Hansard from 24 Febuary 2020.

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