Changed Drop Off and Parking Arrangements

5 February 2019
Changed Drop Off and Parking Arrangements

*Please note that the changed traffic conditions and construction on site have necessitated an amendment to our traffic plan. *

Please refer to the map and instructions below for details on the guidelines for vehicles, pedestrian, drop off and parking arrangements.

  • Follow the traffic controllers at all times who are placed at various locations for your safety

  • Vehicles to follow the yellow line to enter and exit the driveway and drop off zones

  • Main Driveway and internal parking will be open until all parking spaces are full on a first come best dressed basis.

  • Use the drop off zones inside the school and outside (light red) in front of 45 and 55 Harvest Home Road to drop and pick up students

  • Parents can also utilise the parking on roads in the estate in front of school. (Please be courteous and ensure you do not block drive ways and park on nature strips)

  • Pedestrians walking to school from across the road MUST only cross the road from the designated ‘Zebra crossing’ supervised by a traffic controller

  • Pedestrians must follow the path indicated by black arrows on blue line.

We will have six staff members on traffic duties as marked on the attached diagram to assist parents and students during peak drop off and pick up times.

We apologise for the inconvenience caused and request your support and cooperation to ensure safety of pedestrians and vehicles. Please assist us by following the guidelines and adhere to the traffic and parking arrangements at and around the college site.

  • Shahzad Syed Director Support Services Phone (03) 9407 7031 Email Shahzad Shahzad Syed