Child Safety Outside School Hours

13 March 2020
Child Safety Outside School Hours

Al Siraat College is committed to the safety and provision of the highest quality of care for our students at all times. It has come to our attention that students are left at school for extended periods of time after the school day has finished. Please ensure your child/children are picked up within fifteen minutes of school finishing.

There are no staff on duty after 3.45pm (Mon – Thurs) nor after 2.15pm on Fridays, which leaves our students unsupervised and potentially in danger.

To ensure the safety of our students at all times, the College will collect any remaining students after hours, to be supervised in an available classroom.

We will be implementing a late pickup charge from next Monday, 16 March of $10, to be billed in 15 minute increments for:

  • Any child/children left at school after 3.45pm Monday to Thursday
  • Any child/children left after 2.30pm on Fridays.

We do understand that there may be cases of unforeseen circumstances which prevent parents reaching school on time. However, these cases are rare, and should be communicated by phone or email to our Customer Support team.

These changes will be implemented from next Monday, 16 March 2020. Attendance will be taken of any student left behind, including the time logged in, and the time exited, to allow the accounts team to bill appropriately. We appreciate your cooperation in regards to this serious matter.

  • Leah Hamel Head of Operations Principal EA Timetabler Phone (03) 9407 7035 Email Leah Leah Hamel