Clean Up Australia Day: Help us keep ASC clean and tidy

3 March 2023
Clean Up Australia Day: Help us keep ASC clean and tidy

Our Maintenance and Site Team is always trying to make the most of our resources and maintain our school grounds to a high standard. Our aim is to provide a site that is pleasant, clean and safe for our school community.

Ahead of Clean Up Australia Day on this weekend, we are calling on our community to help us reduce and reuse waste as much as possible by speaking to your family about this important matter. To assist us, please encourage your child/children to keep our College clean by:

  • Always throwing rubbish in the bins, including food scraps
  • Picking up any litter at the end of recess and lunch
  • Not feeding the birds and animals on site with left over food items
  • Using wrapper-free healthy food in lunch boxes
  • Using a reusable drink bottle with your child’s name for water/drinks instead of throw-away sugary drinks
  • Keeping doors and windows closed after entering or exiting to use as less energy as possible (especially during the colder winter months).

We invite you to watch this video made two years ago which is titled "purity is part of faith" and invite you to reflect upon it alongside family members.

Together, let’s make Al Siraat a cleaner, waste reduced and more energy efficient school.

  • Tanja Kubitza Content & Relations Lead Sustainability Coordinator Email Tanja Tanja Kubitza
  • Don Walkley Assistant Principal / People & Culture Year 9-10 Boys Coordinator Email Don Don Walkley