Customer Care Procedure

1 May 2019
Customer Care Procedure

At Al Siraat College, we want to create an environment of mutual understanding and respect between all of our stakeholders.

We understand that parents have inquiries in regards to their children’s schooling from time to time. It is essential that all of your queries be addressed to your child’s class teacher first. The class teacher knows more about your child than anyone else! The class teacher can be contacted by email, all their email addresses are accessible through the website. Please allow the teacher time to respond, they are very busy teaching and may not check their emails until the end of the day.

Always speak to your child’s class teacher first, as most concerns can be resolved by their teacher.

If you believe that you need further assistance, please contact our Customer Care at

We can assist with all of your requests in a timely manner if the customer care procedure is followed, allowing time for a thorough investigation of all the relevant information. We need time to determine the facts allowing for an appropriate resolution.

Our Customer Care Procedure is outlined in the related publication below.

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