Focus of the Week: Student Absence Process

6 March 2023
Focus of the Week: Student Absence Process

Attendance impacts student learning and social wellbeing.
Sometimes your child may be unwell, or have an appointment, and not be able to attend school for a day, or a few days.

As a school, we are required to keep a record of attendance and non-attendance for all students. Therefore, if your child is away from school for a short time, you are required to let us know.

When one of your children is absent from school please do one of the following:

  • email:
  • phone: 9407 7000
  • SMS: 0480 001 055

With all the options above, please provide:

  • full name of children
  • class they are in
  • why they are absent
  • how long they will be absent for (if known).

If you do not let us know, we will follow up with you regarding any absences. This takes a lot of our resources and time.

Sometimes when your child is late to school and hasn't been marked as late, our system shows your child is absent. In these cases, you will often receive a SMS message from the school stating your child is absent. If this happens, feel free to call us so we can update our system that your child was late, and not absent.

Extended leave of 2 or more weeks during the school term for reasons other than medical, is not allowed, except for extenuating or special circumstances.

If your child will be absent for 2 weeks or more, you will be required to complete an Extended Leave of Absence Form. Your child will be marked in our system as Unapproved Leave (unless their absence is due to medical reasons).

Extended periods of absence is strongly discouraged, as your child may significantly fall behind in their studies, and struggle to catch up. In addition, students studying VCE may not pass their subjects and have to repeat the subjects the following year, if they exceed the allowable absence days.

If your child will be absent for 2 or more weeks, the following process is to be followed:

  • complete Extended Leave of Absence Form (refer below)
  • return form to a Customer Support Officer in the school office
  • email all teachers who teach your child to let them know the period of time your child will be away
  • if your child is in secondary school, you will need to arrange a meeting with Mr Vis prior to the absence.

Please note that absence of 1 term or more will result in termination of enrolment, and you will be required to re-enrol your child upon return.

Absence from school is taken very seriously, and the Department of Education require us to follow up all absences and update our records accordingly. If we are not able to contact you, as parents, regarding your child’s absence, we will make contact with Emergency Contacts on our records.

Feel free to contact myself or the Customer Support Team for further information if required.

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