Literacy Olympics 2018

29 August 2018
Literacy Olympics 2018

Our English Department is proud to announce the launching of its Literacy Olympics Challenge for 2018. We will begin our Literacy Olympics on National Reading Day which is Friday, 31 August, 2018, InShaAllah.

The National Literacy & Numeracy Week runs from Monday, 3 to Friday, 7 September 2018. It is marked by an array of competitions and activities during class time, at recess and lunch as well as after school. The theme for this year’s Literacy Olympics is ‘Literacy and Skills Development’. The Literacy Olympics concludes with the marking of the International Literacy Day which is on Saturday, 8 September. On this day, special skills-based English classes will be running for our Senior students, InShaAllah.

Literacy is the single most significant skill needed to function effectively in school, in the workplace and in society. It is vital to a successful education, career and quality of life!

Literacy Week Activities

Friday, 31 August

  • Opening of the Al Siraat Library

The following activities will run from Friday, 31 August to Monday, 3 September:

  • Read-a-Thon Contest (Reading Cards)
  • Literacy Planet Inter Class Contest

Monday, 3 September

  • Book Character Parade Assembly
  • Speller Bee Contest
  • 50 Words Writing Contest
  • Literacy Quiz 1
  • Literacy After School Support Classes/ Reading Book Club Launched

Tuesday, 4 September

  • Reading Challenge Contest
  • Literacy Quiz 2
  • Writing Contests
  • Literacy Rap Contest

Wednesday, 5 September

  • Famous Speech Contest
  • Literacy Quiz 3
  • Vocabulary Building Contest
  • Reading Buddy System

Thursday, 6 September

  • Oratory Contest
  • Literacy Quiz 4
  • Reading Survey 2018
  • Reading Buddy System

Friday, 7 September

  • Unusual Book Day
  • Play Writing Competition
  • Handwriting Contest 2018
  • Literacy Quiz 5

Saturday, 8 September

  • International Literacy Day: Special English classes (Years 11 & 12 only)

Nominations are now open for students to apply in order to enter competitions that are at stake for the Literacy & Numeracy Week. Further details will be provided to all students in class by your English Teachers.

We hope the program that has been put together and coordinated by my hardworking English teachers will be liked and enjoyed by everyone, inShaAllah.

  • Mohammed Azim Head of English (Secondary) Year 12A Homegroup Teacher Phone 03 9407 7000 Email Mohammed Mohammed Azim