Outdoor Assembly and Play

17 July 2019
Outdoor Assembly and Play

Al Siraat College promotes time outdoors in all weather, aside from heavy rain and extremely windy conditions.

This includes our Primary assembly from 8.20am until 8.30am each day, along with recess, lunchtimes and Physical Education lessons.

According to the Department of Education & Training, spending time outdoors is great for your child’s general health and wellbeing. Outdoor play is essential for children, allowing for motor, sensory, social and cognitive development:

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There are many myths and misconceptions in regards to cold weather causing illness in children. Viruses are the cause of most common colds and coughs amongst children, a claim which is supported by the Australian Parenting website (raisingchildren.net.au). See links for further information about causes for common colds:

CLICK HERE for raisingchildren website.

CLICK HERE for common cold causes.

Whilst we promote the outdoor healthy environment of the mild Melbourne weather, we appreciate that parents are concerned that the cold weather may be detrimental to their child’s wellbeing, particularly if your child is unwell already or has severe asthma. Please keep your child at home if they are unwell as this will assist in the prevention of colds and viruses spreading amongst students. We also encourage parents to dress their children in layers. A child needs one extra layer of clothing compared to adults. We suggest a long sleeve thermal singlet under their shirt/dress, jumpers and jackets (available from the uniform shop), along with neck scarves, beanies and gloves when it is particularly cold. If your child does suffer from asthma, moving between a warm environment to a cooler one can trigger their asthma. Please ensure that the College has your child’s asthma action plan, along with medication so that your child is always protected. The College also has a Ventolin in every teachers yard duty bag, every first aid kit (each building has a minimum of 1 first aid kit) and in our health centre. Please also be aware that during season changes when your child’s asthma may become aggravated, it is essential for you to revise the asthma action plan with your doctor as extra preventative medication may be required.

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