Pedestrian Safety

15 November 2018
Pedestrian Safety

We would like to remind our school community of parents, staff and students that pedestrian and road safety for kids are a SHARED RESPONSIBILITY.

Parents need to ensure that their child/children reach the school grounds safely. Until the age of 10-11 years, children need active adult supervision to help them navigate driveways, cars, roads and car parks safely. Even children who seem to know all the road safety rules won’t necessarily remember to follow them.

Always holding your child’s hand when they are near cars is a great first step. You can also teach your child about road safety, including how to be safe around parked cars and on footpaths and driveways.

Your child will learn about pedestrian safety by watching YOU, so use safe behaviour around cars, roads, footpaths and car parks.

For example, always STOP – LOOK – LISTEN and THINK before crossing a road, and use pedestrian crossings wherever possible. Always cross at the safest point, even if you have to walk further out of your way.

Put away phones and other devices when you are walking around roads and cars.

Knowing when your child is ready to go solo

Your child’s readiness to cope safely in traffic on their own depends on their development and how much practice they have had around real roads and traffic.

As a general guide, your child is ready to navigate roads safely on their own when they know and understand road safety rules. They also needs to understand that even though they must follow the road rules, drivers do not always follow the rules.

Your child must be able to pay attention to vehicles on the road and work out how far away they are and how fast they are coming towards him.

And, of course, your child must be able to choose safe places to cross roads.