Ramadan bell and Taraweeh prayer times

4 April 2022
Ramadan bell and Taraweeh prayer times

As the holy month of Ramadan has commenced on the weekend, we have modified the bell time table to accommodate slightly shorter school days for students and staff on Mondays to Thursdays. Since Friday is already a shorter day, the 2pm finish time will remain in place.

The Ramadan bell times will be in place from this Monday, 4 April until the end of this term for a total of 8 teaching days. The pickup times for students in Ramadan will be 3pm from Monday to Thursday and 2pm for Friday.

Taraweeh prayers at our Musalla on site commence every night after Isha prayer at 7.45pm.

As published on our website calendar at the start of the year, we have also slightly altered the Term 1 holiday break to include the last ten days of Ramadan, so you will find it is slightly different to public schools. At Al Siraat, the last day of Term 1 for students is Wednesday, 13 April.

The first week of Term 2 will be a mainly student free week:

  • Monday, 2 May: Eid Holiday
  • Tuesday, 3 May: Eid Holiday
  • Wednesday, 4 May: Parent-Teacher-Conference (student free day)
  • Thursday, 5 May: Eid Festival
  • Friday, 6 May: Staff training (student free day)

We will resume our normal bell timetable from Monday, 9 May 2022 and look forward to celebrating Eid with our school community at the upcoming Eid Festival on site.

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