Ramadan greetings from the Principal’s desk

4 April 2022
Ramadan greetings from the Principal’s desk

Dear Community – Asalaamu Alaikum,

From time to time, we receive wonderful guests that bring us joy and happiness. Ramadan is one of those yearly guests who stay with us for a whole month and impacts our lives in many positive ways. Who could imagine standing up in salaah for over an hour every day at night after Isha, yet in Ramadan Allah makes it so easy.

This is a month in which Allah overlooks faults, accepts our du'as and grants forgiveness. The Sahabah really understand how value of forgiveness. At a time when the Ansaar had an opportunity to request anything they wanted from Rasulullah (saw), they chose forgiveness over all else as shown in this short reflection from their lives:

Hadhrat Anas bin Maalik narrates that when it became difficult for the Ansaar to continuously use camels to draw and carry water, they gathered before the Prophet Muhammad (saw) to request that a flowing river be made for them. Rasulullah (saw) said, "A warm welcome to the Ansaar! A warm welcome to the Ansaar! A warm welcome to the Ansaar! I shall grant you anything that you ask from me today and anything I ask Allah for you will be granted." The Ansaar said to each other, "Make the most of the situation and ask him to pray for our forgiveness." They then asked, "Ya Rasulullah. Pray to Allah for our forgiveness." Rasulullah (saw) then made du'aa saying, "Ya Allaah! Forgive the Ansaar, the children of the Ansaar and the grandchildren of the Ansaar." Various other narrations state that Rasulullah (saw) also asked Allah to forgive the spouses, friends and neighbours of the Ansaar.

This is also a month in which we should remember those less fortunate than us with our sadaqah and spending on good causes. May Allah allow us all to use this month in the best possible way and gain Allah’s forgiveness.

We invite you have a look at our Musalla Ramadan Presentation to find out about prayer times, access and more. You will find it attached below.

The photo of the beautiful Ramadan table has kindly been provided to us by Sr Malika Saci. JazakAllah khairan.

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