Ramadan School Timings

24 April 2019
Ramadan School Timings

Ramadan is around the corner, alhamdulillah and Al Siraat will be adjusting the hours to allow students to be home earlier during this sacred month.

  • All students finish their classes at 3pm on Mondays to Thursdays (instead of 3.30pm).

  • The Ramadan Bell times will commence from Tuesday, 7 May, inShaAllah.

  • Friday timings will remain as current, with the usual finishing time of 2.15pm.

Please be advised that early pickups are discouraged, particularly in the last 30 mins of school unless a student has a medical appointment. In this case, you will need to advise the office by 10am by either calling us on 9407 7000 or email to cc@alsiraat.vic.edu.au