Recording Now Available: "Understanding Eating Disorders"

18 March 2021
Recording Now Available: "Understanding Eating Disorders"

We are very grateful to Christine Naismith, Board Director of EDFA (Eating Disorders Families Australia) for presenting our latest Parent Information Session on the highly important topic of "Understanding Eating Disorders".

In her presentation, Christine talked in depth about warning signs, the importance of overcoming stigma and shame, triggers and dispelled some myths. She stressed that all eating disorders are complex mental illnesses that require urgent medical attention before they evolve into life-threatening medical problems.

Watch the session recording HERE.

We thank Christine Naismith for her great insight, time and compassion in addressing this topic so profoundly and for raising much needed awareness. Christine also shared some resource links below on services available for any parent who might be concerned about their child developing an eating disorder.

Helpful resources

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