Reporting Islamophobic incidents

1 May 2019
Reporting Islamophobic incidents

In the midst of this current climate, we are all responsible to report any incidents deemed Islamophobic to the police.

It is important to ascertain as many details as possible to ensure swift action can be taken by the police. The Victorian Police have ensured that they will assist us in stopping anti-Muslim behaviour. Please note down the following:

Details of the incident:

  • When it happened?
  • What time it happened?
  • Approximate age of the perpetrator
  • What colour/model of car/truck it was (if relevant)
  • Licence plate number of perpetrator (if relevant)
  • What was the incident? e.g. physical assault, verbal assault, intimidation or harassment, hate speech or email
  • Were there any witnesses?

The more information you have, the better the police will be able to deal with these incidents.

Please take photos if safe to do so as every piece of information can assist.