Road Safety

28 October 2019
Road Safety

The staff at Al Siraat are extremely concerned about the safety of our students when crossing Harvest Home Road at the end of the school day. Harvest Home Road is a public road, and as such, crossing the road at any other point apart from where the crossing is located, is illegal.

Many parents may not be aware that a student was hit by a car last week whilst crossing the road at the incorrect point and has suffered a severe leg injury. Police attended the incident and have been made aware of the risks that are being taken by both our students and parents. Before the student was hit by the car, many other children were running across the road irrespective of oncoming traffic.

The security guard, along with the drop off zone traffic controllers, are becoming extremely frustrated by the lack of response from our students and parents in regards to this matter. They are continually advising our students to use the crossing, however their advice is being unheeded. We are working with council and offered to contribute to the cost to prioritise the proposed pedestrian crossing near the main driveway.

We have opened a side gate off the main oval that students will be able to enter and exit from 8am – 8.30am and from 3.30pm – 4pm. Please utilise this gate if you are parking in the adjoining estate.

Road and Child Safety are a shared responsibility and we can only keep our students safe, if we have your support.

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