Road Safety Awareness

9 November 2018
Road Safety Awareness

As a matter of urgency, we need to remind our school community that there is STRICTLY NO ACCESS to Harvest Home Road from Saltlake Boulevard in Wollert.

There has been a near miss reported by a parent outside our school premises earlier today. The incident happened directly opposite Al Siraat in the slip lane. A car trying to access Harvest Home Rd from Saltlake Blvd, nearly hit one of our students.

Traffic using the Saltlake Blvd detour MUST NOT access Harvest Home Road.

If you come from Saltlake Blvd, you MUST RETURN the same way via Saltlake Blvd!

VicRoads has been asked to police the entry and exit to Harvest Home Road from next week to help the College enforce student and road safety.

Children learn more about traffic safety from the important adults in their lives than from anyone else.

To watch a video on "a child’s world of traffic", please click here.

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