Sadaqat Jariyah for Ahmad Ghunaym Khan

27 November 2020
Sadaqat Jariyah for Ahmad Ghunaym Khan

Recently, our Secondary student and brother, Ahmad Ghunaym Khan, passed away in a tragic car accident.

Due to his admirable character, and to show their love and respect, Ahmad’s classmates have created this fundraising page to build a Sadaqah Jariyah – Community Water Well in Indonesia on his behalf to help those less fortunate.

All donations and the ongoing rewards received from the well will benefit Ahmad in the Hereafter, inShaAllah. The fundraising page is run by Muslim Aid Australia, a well known and trusted charity organisation.

Click here to DONATE.

Any student or staff wanting to make a cash donation for the same cause, please find a donation box located at reception.

May Allah accept these good deeds on behalf of Br. Ahmad and those who have contributed towards this cause. Ameen.

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