Site Update: Multi-purpose Sports & Outdoor Learning Canopy

4 September 2020
Site Update: Multi-purpose Sports & Outdoor Learning Canopy

Driving down Harvest Home Road towards the College, you might have noticed the large structure currently taking shape right at the front of Al Siraat, next to the Primary building.

This massive structure is our new multi-purpose Sports and Outdoor Learning Canopy. It is a tension membrane structure using a PTFE (Teflon coated fiberglass) fabric – a material that is generally used for modern stadium roofing.

The elegant structure measures 37.8m x 21m wide and just under 10m high at the centre. One prominent feature will be the retractable basketball hoops that can be operated remotely.

Architecturally striking in design, the turtle-shaped roof structure has only 4 columns, improving user safety and sightlines throughout. It also enhances the surrounding architecture.

The robust and high light transmission membrane will bleach to a white colour, providing an ambient soft light underneath – an ideal space for our students to learn.

The structure is designed, engineered and installed by Edge Structures Pty Ltd.

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