Taraweeh Prayers at the ASC Musalla

11 April 2021
Taraweeh Prayers at the ASC Musalla

It is with great joy that we are now able to announce to have Taraweeh prayers back on site in our ASC Musalla this year, alhamdulillah!

Taraweeh prayers for our school community will be offered for both ladies and men, with the following COVID Safe restrictions in place:

  • The Taraweeh prayers will commence directly after Isha prayer (which will be at around 7.30pm).
  • Everyone attending the Musalla must sign in either by scanning the QR code or manually on the ipad available
  • Sisters are welcome, however those who bring their children will have to use the assembly hall for prayers
  • Sisters with children aged 10 years+ may utilise the Musalla (the ladies section will be divided to allow extra space for men in greater numbers)
  • Any children in attendance need to pray next to their parent
  • Social distancing needs to be adhered to.

As in the previous years, the commencement of Taraweeh prayers at Al Siraat is subject to moon sighting for Ramadan 1442. Isha Prayer will commence at 7.30pm tonight, with Tarawih prayer subject to the new moon being sighted tonight. If the moon cannot be sighted, Tarawih prayers will commence on Tuesday, 13 April after Isha prayer.

The Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, once mentioned Ramadan and said, "Do not start the fast or break it until you see the new moon. If the new moon is obscured from you, then complete a full thirty days." ~ narrated by Abdullah ibn Abbas (Al-Muwatta, Hadith No. 18.1.3)