Thank You for joining Earth Hour

31 March 2021
Thank You for joining Earth Hour

A big shout out to our wonderful and caring school community for participating in this year’s Earth Hour on Saturday, 27 March 2021 by switching off power for at least one hour.

Candles and lanterns were lit and prayers and Qur'an recited by candlelight that night. Our school community joined a record-breaking 192 countries and territories on the night and switched off for Earth Hour. That’s 98% of countries and territories on the planet, mashaAllah!

Our Customer Support team, teachers and classes running on last Friday also joined Earth Hour beforehand by switching off their office and classroom lights, screens and devices from 9am to 10am. Teachers used the opportunity to share the important message with their students: "We are switching off all power in our classroom and reception to mark the importance of conserving our environment and doing whatever we can to help out."

JazakAllah khairan to everyone who participated in one way or the other this Earth Hour, and we look forward to making the event even bigger in 2022, inShaAllah.

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