This Wednesday, 21 October: Footy Colours Day

19 October 2020
This Wednesday, 21 October: Footy Colours Day

We will be running another Footy Colours Day on this Wednesday, 21 October. Students and staff will be encouraged to wear AFL apparel of their favourite team.

Soccer and Rugby uniforms may be worn, but since we are promoting AFL, this is preferred where possible.

Clothing rules for both Primary and Secondary years include students still wearing school uniform for pants/trousers/dresses (i.e. the bottom half), however T-Shirts and Jumpers/Hoodies/Jerseys etc can be worn that are a Football team item. This does not include ‘street wear’ or random items of clothing.

The day also serves as an important fundraising opportunity. We will be looking to raise and donate money to two fundraising organisations.

-1. Donate to The Fight Cancer Foundation, supporting kids with cancer

-2. Donate to The Alfred Foundation, supporting the Alfred Hospital in their efforts dealing with COVID-19

It is encouraged that all donations be made online in line with COVID-19 recommendations and reducing the risk of disease transmission via paper money and coin donations. However, we shall have a sanitised money pot/wishing well available for such donations.

Thanks again for your support, and we cannot wait to see the school full of colour in the lead into the AFL and NRL Grand Finals weekend while also recognising the amazing efforts of our frontline workers during this global pandemic.

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