Tournament of Minds 2019

22 August 2019
Tournament of Minds 2019

Congratulations to our students who are selected for the Tournament of Minds (TOM) Challenge competition this year which will be held at La Trobe University, Bundoora on Saturday, 24 August. This is our 2nd year of participation in TOM and we are delighted to see the enthusiasm and passion that students display throughout the 6 weeks working with their long term challenge.

TOM is a problem solving program for teams of students to demonstrate their problem solving skills and talents in an exciting, vibrant and public way. The tournament also aims to enhance time management, enterprise, working as a team, thinking outside the square, utilising technology, working within a competitive environment and promote knowledge and appreciation of self and others. It also provides a platform for excellence and equips participants with twenty-first century skills and strategies.

Students are required to solve demanding, open-ended challenges from one of the following disciplines: The Arts, STEM, Language Literature, Social Sciences. Teams are required to work together on a Long Term Challenge for six weeks without assistance from teachers, parents or peers. They are encouraged to explore possibilities and experiment with ideas as they endeavour to produce their best possible solution. They develop a creative and original way to communicate this solution to others, working within predefined parameters such as limited materials, complex challenge criteria and the deadline of Tournament Day. The teams have 10 minutes to present their Long Term Challenge to an audience and panel of judges on Tournament Day. There are many rules and requirements that teams need to follow for their Challenge.

The teams must also participate in an unseen Spontaneous Challenge on Tournament Day. This challenge requires rapid interchange of ideas, the ability to think creatively and well developed group cooperation skills. TOM is a celebration of the talents and capabilities of students. Thousands of parents, educators, and interested public flock annually to watch and enjoy the exhilarating spectacle of the presentations and the ingenious solutions created by motivated students who have accepted the Tournament challenge.

Parents are welcome to be part of the audience for Long Term Challenge. Unfortunately, there is no audience for the Spontaneous Challenge except for the judges as it is a Secret Challenge. Parents are welcome to attend and support our teams. A map of La Trobe University, Bundoora showing car parking and where the teams will be presenting on Saturday, 24 August is included below for your reference.

We are pleased to announce the five teams that are ready to take TOM Challenge Competition 2019 representing our College and wish them the best for embarking on this exciting and challenging experience.

Team 1 (Year 3-4) – The Super Seven STEM Challenge

Long Term Challenge Time : 8.20am

Spontaneous Challenge Time : 9.30am

  • Joanne Sabbagh Hifz A
  • Shafiqah A’ishah Baswedan Hifz A
  • Aleeza Qaiser Chaudry Yr 4B
  • Ali Ahmad Saleemi Yr 4C
  • Suhaan Mahtab Sadek Yr 3A
  • Nur Inshirah Nor Ashraf Yr 3B
  • Amani Wadood Yr 3D

Facilitator : Ms Sheerin Ghazali

Team 2 (Year 5-6G) – The Intelligent Inventors STEM Challenge

Long Term Challenge Time : 8.40am

Spontaneous Challenge Time : 9.40am

  • Shaima Hoque Yr 6G1
  • Rafa Amir Yr 6G2
  • Ameena Khalid Yr 6G2
  • Fatimazahra Abdula Yr 6G2
  • Sahar Afiouni Yr 5G1
  • Nawal Asim Jaleel Yr 5G2
  • Zainab Noor Yr 5G3

Facilitator: Ms Aimen Shamsi

Team 3 (Year 5-6G) – Majestic Minds The ARTS Challenge

Long Term Challenge Time : 8.00am

Spontaneous Challenge Time : 9.10am

  • Amirah Jumale Yr 6G1
  • Rayan Elayoubi Yr 6G1
  • Nur Anisah Nor Ashraf Yr 6G1
  • Ruqaiya Wazze Yr 6G3
  • Hawa Ahmed Yr 5G2
  • Ayesha Malik Yr 5G3
  • Hajar Hart Yr 5G3

Facilitator: Ms Rishma Mansoor

Team 4 (Year 5-6B) – The Premiers STEM Challenge

Long Term Challenge Time : 9.20am

Spontaneous Challenge Time : 10.20am

  • Eisa Haniff Yr 6B1
  • Talha Bilal Yr 6B1
  • Abdullah Imran Yr 6B1
  • Zain Khan Yr 6B1
  • Mohamed Adnan Izroon Shabdeen Yr 5B1
  • Muhammad Adan Rabbani Yr 5B1
  • Muhammad Umar Mohamed Azad Yr 5B1

Facilitator: Ms Aimen Shamsi

Team 5 (Year 5-6B) – The Dominators SOCIAL SCIENCE Challenge

Long Term Challenge Time : 8.40am

Spontaneous Challenge Time : 9.30am

  • Mohammed Khan Yr 6B1
  • Khalid Mahad Hussein Yr 6B1
  • Junaid Abdullah Awan Yr 6B1
  • Amhar Mohamed Nazeer Yr 6B1
  • Ahmed Ismail Yr 5B1
  • Abdulsalam Ayomide Yussuf Yr 5B3
  • Arham Mohamed Nazeer Yr 5B3

Facilitator: Ms Hebah Abdul-Rahman

We would also like to thank all parents for their support and TOM Facilitators for their relentless efforts to motivate their teams. All the Best to the Al Siraat TOM Teams!

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