Year 10 Life Skills Mentorship Program Launch

16 March 2023
Year 10 Life Skills Mentorship Program Launch

Our Year 10 boys have been preparing for their Life Skills Mentorship Program in their lessons with Ms Amera and the College’s career advisor, as well as attending a mentorship seminar.

Last week’s first session went extremely well, with positive feedback received from both the Year 10 boys and our Primary teachers. We hope that this pilot program will be a catalyst for many more positive working relationships between Secondary and Primary students.

The three key elements of these sessions are:

  • Building positive relationships
  • Supporting the teacher
  • Modelling desired behaviour.

The four main roles of each mentor are:

  • Work with a group of students and support them through a learning activity
  • Follow the directions given by the classroom teacher
  • Promote school values through interactions with each student
  • Report unsafe behaviour to the teacher.

View more photos here.

On behalf of the Year 10 Life Skills program team, we would like to extend our utmost gratitude for the amazing support provided by our Foundation and Year 1 teachers at last Thursday’s program launch. We look forward to providing more highlights about this program in the near future, inShaAllah.

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