After School Child Safety: Wollert Community Concerns

6 August 2019
After School Child Safety: Wollert Community Concerns

There have been many "near miss" incidents involving our students running in front of cars after school at pick up time. Several phone calls from the local Wollert community have been received, concerned for the safety of our students.

Please remember that child safety is a shared responsibility. We urgently need your assistance to reiterate the importance of road safety to your children. We have a safe zebra crossing across Harvest Home Road that is manned at all times by the council. We also have a security guard and 2 other team members advising students and parents to use the provided safe crossing.

To assist us please note the following:

  • ALL Students and parents should utilise the provided zebra crossing to cross Harvest Home Road
  • Do not park in the no standing zone on Harvest Home Road, it blocks other road users vision so they are unable to see children running across the road and you may be issued with a fine from the Council
  • Allow plenty of time for pick up and drop off
  • Park in the estate and walk across if possible as it will actually save you time!

Remember that our community is always under scrutiny and we want to show the Wollert residents that we value the safety of our children.