REMINDER: National Survey on Islam in Australia

13 October 2019
REMINDER: National Survey on Islam in Australia

With the support of various Muslim community organisations from around the country, a team of researchers led by Dr Halim Rane at Griffith University is conducting the first, national, online survey of Islam in Australia.

It will take approximately 30 minutes or less to complete this survey. It is being conducted according to the ethical standards required by Griffith University (ethics reference number 2019/042). The responses provided will be completely anonymous.

Why is this research important?

Dr Halim states in an article published in AMUST that "we all share an interest in how the Muslims of Australia in the 21st century understand, experience and express Islam. To be able to document this across such a diverse population is a valuable piece of knowledge for us and future generations. It provides a living example of the extent to which Islam has been preserved over a period of 1400 years and in a land so distant from where it began. We hope the benefits of this research will be realised now and in the future."

Al Siraat would like to invite our community to join all Muslim Australian citizens and permanent residents to participate in this national survey. The final report is expected to be published in early 2020, inShaAllah.