Research Project: Get Involved

1 August 2019
Research Project: Get Involved

You are invited to participate in a project about ‘Exploring Australian Muslim Education’ currently taking place at your child(ren)’s school.

The aim of the study is to explore how and in what ways school leaders and teachers at the College influence the development of a unique Australian Muslim identity to foster respect for difference, resiliency and promote social cohesion. Both teachers and the school’s leadership teams are currently participating in interviews to answer questions regarding their experiences.

Would you and your child(ren) like to be involved in this project?

If you agree to be involved, please complete the consent form attached and return it with your child. Your participation will include an interview with you (the parent) and then an interview with your child, at a mutually convenient time. The interview will ask questions about your child’s educational experiences at Al-Siraat, what educational aspirations you have and other matters. The interview will go for 30-45 minutes. We are happy to share with you the interview questions if you choose to participate.

Your participation will contribute to new knowledge about the role and place of Islamic Education within Australian Islamic schools. Other anticipated benefits are furthering the scant empirical knowledge about Australian Islamic education and Muslim school leadership, and possibly putting forth a new framework that helps future scholars understand the dynamics of Islamic education within these schools. There are no possible risks for you or your child (ren) by participating in this study.

All interviews will be audio recorded but participant confidentiality and anonymity will be observed. That is, the confidentiality of the data will be managed through the use of pseudonyms to protect the identity of parents and children at this school. NO real names of any of the participants will be used. The data will be published in top tier journals in Education and presented at national and international education conferences and teaching seminars.

Audio recordings and transcripts will be stored in a password-protected folder on the researchers’ computers. This data will be destroyed after five years. Participants can request a copy of the published article(s) or conference proceedings in due course by asking the Chief Researcher, Dr Fida Sanjakdar.

The researchers involved in the project are:

  • Dr Fida Sanjakdar

Faculty of Education Phone: 9905 4055 / 0466 333 773 email:

  • Dr Melanie Brooks

Department of Education Phone: 9905 6996 / 0416 209 995 email:

  • Prof. Jeff Brooks

Faculty of Education Phone: 0499 230 011 email:

Should you have any questions, please contact the main researcher Dr Fida Sanjakdar.

If you have any questions about the ethical approval of this study, you are welcome to contact the Executive Officer, Monash University Human Research Ethics (MUHREC): ph: 9905 2052 Email: Fax: 9905 3831

  • Rocaya Stebbing Fatrouni Customer Support Officer Behaviour Mentor Phone 03 9407 7019 Email Rocaya Rocaya Stebbing Fatrouni