Final Week to Pay Qurban

13 August 2018
Final Week to Pay Qurban

The Prophet (saw.) said: “ Whoever feeds a needy person until he is satisfied, Allah (SWT) will allow him to enter paradise from a door nobody will enter that door, except those whom did the same as him.’ (Tabarani)

Qurban is a compulsory sunnah of our beloved Prophet (saw.) and it is of great value of reward. It was reported that the Prophet (saw.) said: “O people, it is compulsory for every household to make a sacrifice yearly.” [Ahmed]

Throughout this occasion, we should not forget the poor and needy in the world who experience Eid whilst they are suffering from poverty, conflict and natural disasters.

To ensure we continue to maintain the highest quality Qurban practices, NO ADMIN FEE is being deducted from your donations: The cost of the Qurban packing, transportation and distribution will be covered entirely by admin and volunteers on the ground in the distribution areas.


We need to receive your Qurban payment by next Friday, 17 August to ensure the money reaches the administering people overseas in time.