Reminder: Book Drive Finishes THIS FRIDAY

23 October 2017
Reminder: Book Drive Finishes THIS FRIDAY

In line with our key school value of ‘Benefitting others’, our focus this week is "Making a Difference". We are organising our first ever Book Drive for Years 3 – 6 students to support the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation (ALF).

The book drive will commence on Monday, 16 October and end on Friday, 27 October. Each student is asked to bring in a book either new or used. As a school, we are excited that our students can make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate by gifting them a resource the indigenous communities can benefit from.

Please pass your book to your child’s classroom teacher between the above dates. All collected books need to be suitable for children from 0 to 16 years of age. The books will be dropped off to the collection centre in the city before 31 October 2017.

Please note that the following guidelines provided by the ALF need to be followed:

ALF will NOT accept books that have:

 Binding that is frayed  Cover and pages that torn or missing  Food stains  Been chewed on  Been written in or highlighted  Mould, dirt or water damage  Battery operated sounds  An accompanying CD, but CD is missing.

Or that are:

 Novels or books directed at an adult audience or containing adult content  Pamphlets  Encyclopedias  Religious material  Magazines  Home decorating or gardening books, craft books, financial guides  Medical, technical and scientific books  Educational textbooks  Library books

More information can be found here.

JazakAllah khairan for your support in our first ever Book Drive!