Turkish Doll Making Workshop – Grandparents Week

30 October 2019
Turkish Doll Making Workshop – Grandparents Week

This week in celebration of Grandparents Week Ms Elif Boz invited grandparent volunteer Ms Nezahat to run a traditional Turkish doll making workshop for all Foundation to Year 2 students.

Using some basic household items like a stick from the garden, some scrap materials from old clothes and elastic bands from bunches of asparagus, Ms Nezahat demonstrated how children can make their own dolls and toys themselves using household items.

Ms Nezahat presented some ideas for recycling old clothes and using them to make barbie doll clothes too. She brought along several outfits she made for her granddaughter’s dolls.

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Children were encouraged to find out the full names of their grandparents during Grandparent Week and complete a family tree worksheet.

Ms Elif presented Ms Nezahat with a gift and thanked her for her presentation.

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