Introducing New Canteen Items

31 October 2017
Introducing New Canteen Items

The Canteen is excited to introduce several new items on their menu. Some of the items below will be available on a daily basis, like refreshing ice sticks and organic orange juice for the hotter months of the year as well as delicious solid chocolate frogs, whereas other items are specials and will only be available from time to time.

Wednesday’s Special

  • Halal Beef Pie – $3.50 each

  • Hawaiian Grilled Chicken Burger – $5.50 each

Please note that the above items are not available on a daily basis but as specials only.

Friday’s Special

  • Homemade Vegetable LASAGNE – $4.00

Introducing new DAILY items

The following items will be available for students to buy over the counter during recess and lunch times:

  • Sunzest Organic Orange Juice (500ml) – $4.00 each

  • Chocolate Frogs (solid delicious milk chocolate) – 70c each

  • Zooper Dooper Ice Sticks in various flavours – $1.00 each