End of Year Get-Together with Staff

1 December 2018
End of Year Get-Together with Staff

The PFF (Parents and Friends Forum) has organised a get together for the Al Siraat Community at the end of this term.

Our catch-ups are always a wonderful way to meet some new parents while the kids play. This end of term event will be held at school so the wonderful Al Siraat Staff are able to attend. It is a fantastic opportunity for us to show our gratitude and say thank you by making a plate of food to share with them.

Everyone is warmly welcome!

Event Details

  • WHEN: This Friday, 7 December (last day of school)
  • TIME: 2 pm – 4.30 pm
  • VENUE: Al Siraat College Grounds
  • What to bring: Plate of food to share, drinks, chairs, balls etc

InShaAllah, we will see you all there.