Help us make face mask holders for our students

14 October 2021
Help us make face mask holders for our students

The new face mask mandate for Primary students in Year 3 and up might present some challenges for our youngsters. Girls in particular might find it hard to apply the surgical masks on top of their hijabs or secure the strips behind their ears underneath the headscarves.

Our wonderful Parents & Friends Community (PFC) have thus come up with the idea of making or knitting face mask holders to stop the constant pull from behind the ears and help the girls get their masks on neatly around their hijabs.

The PFC is calling on our community to join their efforts and get on board by making face masks holders from home. InShaAllah, they will have many available by the time our students can return to on site learning. The PFC are hopeful to have a tub available at the guard house were parents can go and purchase a mask band for a gold coin donation. This money will go towards our Epping mosque fundraiser.

More than anything, this is a community builder to help our kids feel as comfortable as possible once back at school. If you are genuinely interested in helping out, please join our PFC Telegram Group. We do not need the bands to be fancy, you can make them any way you like – we would just love your help.

Join the PFC Telegram group here.


Please note that the mask holders are not yet available. It is a product making project at the moment. We will update you when they will be available.

  • Sarah Wills Parents & Friends Community (PFC) President Email Sarah Sarah Wills