SBS World News: Ladies Golf Program (featuring ASC mums)

9 November 2022
SBS World News: Ladies Golf Program (featuring ASC mums)

SBS World News ran a story on the Ladies Golf Program organised by City of Whittlesea with mums from Al Siraat College in the evening of Saturday, 5th November 2022.

Rihana Penitito, Dania Sarraj, and Mehreen Aleem were showcased. Their story has reached far and wide, starting with a video released by Golf Australia, and now on SBS World News.

In addition, one of the mums, Dania, did another story with SBS Radio in Arabic, speaking of her experience and encouraging others to get involved.

We are very proud of these ladies representing Al Siraat College and Muslim women in such a positive way, and changing the face of golf and Muslim women in sports. Well done to you all, and we look forward to what comes next.

View the SBS World News clip here.

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